Another month without an update! I hope I’ve been the right kind of busy! Here’s a list of what I’ve been working on lately…

Over at Crap Looking Books I’ve finally given “On female authors..and how to deal with their apparent invisibility” a much need rewrite, to include less-ignorant mental and publishing developments from the past 3 years. Turns out it was more of a Me-Problem than I thought.

In an attempt to get back into the flow of things at VidSheridan, I’ve produced the following two videos:

Not my biggest or most engaging ideas, but it was all about getting used to talking into a lens again. I didn’t want my next decent video idea to be hampered by my forgetting how to speak or frame myself properly.

There’s been a raft of various new mash-ups and re-edits at WhatR2D2Saw, a side-effect of me trying to do as many small, engaging projects as possible to remind myself that I’m still here:

I feel this one deserves special mention just because of how popular it’s been. I can’t speak for why, I guess we just enjoy watching people fall over.

Money/energy depending, there’s an 88% chance I’m off to London Book Fair next week, which means my my usual annual run of promotions and promoting, which I’ll talk about at the weekend. Also, given that Game of Thrones is back on our screens soon, you can expect a few more re-edits and sketches about that.