It is with a heavy heart that I must reveal I’m not actually at London Book Fair this week. A trifecta of money, time and health -mainly health- has rendered me quite useless. It takes a lot for me to walk to town or stand at my desk at the moment, so I can’t imagine that attending four days of conferencing would’ve been within my current skillset.

I’m pretty down about it, which is not helped by TimeHop insisting on telling me just how happy and busy I was for the last two Book Fairs.

But the show must go on!

In absentee celebration of London Book Fair, both my short novels are free on Amazon Kindle all this week!

The Christmas Santa SleptThe Christmas Santa Slept

The Fault In Our ArseThe Fault In Our Arse

I’ve also put a quick sketch up on my VidSheridan channel, the sort which would really belong on a Vine account if I had one.

With the start of the new season of Game of Thrones and the approaching UK General Election, you can of course expect a fair few more videos from me in the next few weeks.