Cuddly Sharks vs Killer Pigs: FIGHT!

I was going to start this little rant-post by telling how I want to unpick the following soundbite: “Alone in the USA and Canada approximately 40 people are killed each year by pigs – six times more than by sharks worldwide.” But that would be about as misleading as the soundbite itself. I don’t want to unpick it, I feel driven to unpick it,

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This Is Halloween … But also just October Advice on handling offence over the holiday

“On Halloween, we take our costumes off, and you can see us as we see ourselves.” – Zac Gorman I’m no stranger to courting controversy around Halloween. “We are a Culture Not a Costume” felt that when I responded to the vague way they attacked Halloween using the banner of “culture” to decide which costumes were more acceptable than others. Why dress as

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September, the real 30 Day War Yet another battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder

A few weeks ago, I wrote the following paragraph, overly-confident that my yearly battle with seasonal depression was not going to be such a big deal in 2012.. It strikes me, nearly halfway through the month, that I’ve forgotten to declare war on September. There’s no little block of notebook prose where September is a villain stalking through the

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