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Here Comes The Rain Again

I’ve had this feeling since writing the alarmingly well-received Winnie The Pooh and Brexit Too that I haven’t quite been using the bloggier aspects of this website well enough. I’m quietly proud of myself for responding to a contemporary event with a (fairly) original idea, and for producing it quickly and effectively. The “what I’ve been up to since I

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Original Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Drawing Look At Footprints During Brexit Meme EU Referendum

Winnie The Pooh and Brexit Too!

Hello! I was on holiday in Mallorca during the week of the EU referendum- quite possibly the best time to go, to get away from the media circus, make the most of exchange rates before they plummeted, and avoid some of the worst rain the UK has seen in months. Since returning I’ve tried my hand at writing my own version of the Winnie The Pooh

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Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

There’s not a lot of what new-media types would call “content” to share in this post (Do people still say new-media? It’s all pretty much current-media now..) but that’s a good thing, because my nose has been firmly focused on the grindstone of The Wrong Ghost. I might have taken some time out to run the Manchester 10k again again (68 minutes, my best

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Another Year, Another London Book Fair?

I’ve often talked about the early stages of my creative development as being sort of an “empty vessel” – where I’ve built a fairly decent platform, clarified my direction, gained increasing understanding of relevant industries, but not really had the complete body of work or perfect singular work to back it up. This year’s London Book Fair was the

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Convention season is definitely in full swing! Eastercon 2016: Mancunicon was an absolutely brilliant way to spend a sunny Easter Bank Holiday, and this week I’m off to my third London Book Fair. For the first time I’m not flogging or representing anything, I’m only there to learn, network, and bask in all the wonderful book-y-ness. One thing I’ve

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7.4 billion is the number to beat..

Well, it’s been an interesting start to the year, not least of all because of a rush of artist and celebrity deaths, the reaction to which prompted me to produce two videos. The first covers people who are too quick to throw the deceased together to create ridiculous memes, as if it somehow adds value to the discourse of mourning: The second is a

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It’s not quite New Year anymore, but it’s still a new year, just like all the others that went before it. I don’t have any resolutions as such, just extensions of previous attitudes. There are only two types of resolution anyway- those you were already going to do, and those you were never going to do. Top of the agenda for 2016 is “leaving the audience”

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What The Force Awakens

Since I wrote at length on how I was too afraid to watch the Force Awakens, I figured it only makes sense to share what I actually thought of it. First things first. I liked it. I thought it was very good. I say this now and I say this first because there is this disappointing culture of people who think passing critical comment on something is the

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Jingle Bells, Kindle Sells

It’s Christmas (did you know?) which once again means that The Christmas Santa Slept is free for Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices! Pick it up from Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here. Other countries are available, of course. Anywhere you can normally buy it, you won’t have to buy it. It’s also the season to share some of my other Christmas-related

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