Having finally finished meticulously formatting all existing content into “pages” rather “posts” I’ve now decided the page would work better back the way it was. I can see this taking a while. Nick xx Tweet !function(d,s,id){var

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It’s always fun to transcend a paradigm. Trying to decide which of the old blogs from 2011/2012 are worth keeping from the old Blogger site has been splitting my brain in half and making me lie on the floor moaning in despair. Then it dawned on me… other than the handful of blog posts that might one day make serviceable articles or essays.. there is

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Well I suppose since I’ve reactivated the bloggy part of this website, I should post a sequential update from time to time. Like this one! I hadn’t banked on just how many individual page edits were going to be necessary to update NickSheridan.com from Blogger to WordPress, and as such I’m scrabbling a bit to get it all done, or at least figure out what

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