Pushing Back the Future The great leap forward is just a great leap forward away..

When I saw that Ridley Scott is committed to a new Blade Runner film I had the predictable reaction of feeling that nothing is sacred any more, followed by hoping, really hoping, that the film is not a sequel, prequel or remake, but merely further stories set in the Blade Runnerverse. There’s enough unused material in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

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Writing Writing On Writing A writing guide is the easiest thing to write.

The easiest and most unique thing to write is a writing guide. No other How-To guide can be so full of regrets and failed expectations, and still be taken seriously. An unpublished writer can tell you what you should do, tell you the best way to get something published, how difficult that is, and the common traps to avoid. An unemployed bricklayer will

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