Pokemon Christmas Event Pokemon Go Event Leaks Upcomg Nick Sheridan

Future Pokémon Go Events Leaked!

After the popular success and increased app engagement of the Pokémon Go Halloween event, it should come as no surprise that developers Niantic have further events planned for upcoming holiday seasons. You may be aware that for the week of Thanksgiving, Ditto has been released into the game, and players will receive an XP bonus. What you may not know is

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Original Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Drawing Look At Footprints During Brexit Meme EU Referendum

Winnie The Pooh and Brexit Too!

Hello! I was on holiday in Mallorca during the week of the EU referendum- quite possibly the best time to go, to get away from the media circus, make the most of exchange rates before they plummeted, and avoid some of the worst rain the UK has seen in months. Since returning I’ve tried my hand at writing my own version of the Winnie The Pooh

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London Book Fair 2014

Having been to London Book Fair last year and thought about returning pretty much constantly since, my happiness at being back there was inevitable. In fact, I was happy just to be in Earl’s Court again, I love that place and will miss it when it closes. This year I discovered an excellent way to slow the inevitable leg pains that come from conferences and

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His name is Jon and he collects thimbles.

What follows is a fictionalized short of a man I met during a hospital stay in late 2010. His name is Jon and he collects thimbles, not that anyone asked him that. Only he’s never paid for, stolen, or exchanged something for a thimble in his life. For some reason he can’t remember he found himself with some thimbles, and bought a display stand for

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