a magpie sits on a branch looking at a pokemon go pokeball

One for sorrow, gotta catch ’em all!

Early yesterday morning I went to get a haircut. Normally I’d take the bus home, but I figured I would walk, because it was a nice day- and more importantly, I had Pokemon to catch. As I was walking past Whitworth Park in South Manchester, my keen Pokemon-trainer senses spotted something. Was it another Pidgeot? A rare grass Pokemon? A Pikachu,

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Work for a Living … Worked to Death When people leave your workplace, it’s almost as if they’ve died

Before they leave, everyone gathers round them to wish them well and speculate about where they’re moving on to and what they’ll do there. They are laden with flowers, cards, and other paltry tributes, and in their final moments may discuss fond memories of their time amongst you. Often they shed tears at their own departure. Even if they’re ready to

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Looking back at yourself looking forward to yourself Genuinely expect the genuinely unexpected

Eight years ago a skinny short-haired guy who had the same face and DNA as me bundled most if not all of his worldly possessions and hopes into a van and moved it up to Manchester. It was a largely impulsive decision based on lingering background expectations of what a new life there might comprise. If you asked that guy a year before if he expected to be

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