Hype, Hysteria and Haters Does success affect enjoyment?

So earlier this week I posted a review of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars to GoodReads. I am a huge fan of the work of John and his brother Hank, but I wasn’t a fan of the book. So if you’re a fan of The Fault in Our Stars, I don’t overly recommend you read that review. It isn’t written for entertainment, and is a rather meticulous explanation of why I

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London Book Fair 2014 Books! Books! Books!

Having been to London Book Fair last year and thought about returning pretty much constantly since, my happiness at being back there was inevitable. In fact, I was happy just to be in Earl’s Court again, I love that place and will miss it when it closes. This year I discovered an excellent way to slow the inevitable leg pains that come from conferences and

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Book #7: Shaun Hutson – Slugs

When you’re in the habit of intentionally judging books by their covers, it can be a little hard to find something of questionable content that’ll still be entertaining. Sometimes you find yourself looking at the same endless parade of pedestrian covers and nothing really jumps out and yells “READ ME!” This was not one of those times. This Garth

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