What The Force Awakens

Since I wrote at length on how I was too afraid to watch the Force Awakens, I figured it only makes sense to share what I actually thought of it. First things first. I liked it. I thought it was very good. I say this now and I say this first because there is this disappointing culture of people who think passing critical comment on something is the

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I like my music like I like my coffee. Bean counting. 99p Mp3 vs Expensive Coffee Piracy Row

So one of my absolute pet hates is the OMFG SHARE THIS images that proliferate the internet, usually accompanied with the tagline “everyone must share this” or “not everyone will have the guts to share this”. Before I get started, can I just say that I fucking love having pet hates? I’d have nothing to write about otherwise.. So an image that has me

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Til I Hear You Sing Once More … With Feeling Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies

I’d like to talk about drama, and the stylistic choices involved in staging. Specifically I want to talk about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new-ish musical Love Never Dies, the And then what happened? follow-on for the 1986 musical Phantom of The Opera, wherein the main characters find themselves on American shores, drawn together one last time to resolve their

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