Putting your trust in two fat ladies A treatise on making 88% certainty a common idiom

I’m 99% sure that my feet are still there. I feel this way because I can think of no reason why my feet wouldn’t be there. I’m not looking at them, and have no immediate proof of their existence, but I’m pretty damn convinced that they’re there. Still… I feel inclined to leave a 1% margin of uncertainty, just in case I am wrong, just in case (for

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Food, Shelter, and a Bullshit Story to Tell Are the Homeless our new Storytellers and Bards?

There was once a time when certain individuals would come knocking on hostel doors in the dead of night, or  loudly declare their presence to a full and bawdy tavern, or find themselves summoned to the forum of courts and castles. These men and women would spin tales and tall stories, dancing their way through ballads and legends, moving their captive

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Because he’s The Goddamn BATMAN!

Tonight I’m putting as many affairs in order as possible and making homemade beef jerky in preparation for a weekend of solid gaming with Batman: Arkhamn City, and feel this as good a time as any to bite back at the critics of the legendary Man of Bats. The biggest criticism levelled at Batman is that he lacks any real powers. Wrong! Batman’s power is a

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The cold, dead face of Michael Jackson Trials-by-public and why we don't need them

I’ve known people who, when disgusted by something, exclaim “I did not need to see that!” This cry is a little more ironic than most, since in the interests of overcoming disgust it’s more than likely people do need to see the thing that apparently revolts them, rather than being sheltered from it. But I did not need to see Michael Jackson’s dead

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