Home, but not Homeward Bound How to never have a bad flight again

So after an amazing week away for my brother’s wedding, I got to thinking about how much nicer travel would be if we only ever made outbound flights. That is, if we only ever travelled in directions that were classed as “outbound” and never “return”.

Everyone we travelled alongside would be less moody, full of the excitement and freshness that comes from the start of a holiday, while bereft of the cranky exhaustion that accompanies a journey home.

There’d be more room for baggage, because everyone would have well packed clothes and no souvenirs. The clothes would be flat, not scrunched up to protect market stall tat or heaps of duty free.

Everybody would wish everybody else a pleasant journey, asking what they planned to do with their time after landing, and never just welcome them home, hoping they get in okay and that their dull lives are still just as they left them.

The trick would be to make like the locals wherever you are, travelling to the places that they see as a holiday.

So say you’re a Brit on holiday in Turkey. Don’t fly back to the UK, fly wherever the Turkish go. Fly to India, if that’s what they do. If Indian people holiday in Singapore, fly there next. String a series of outbound flights together until you finally land in a country where they holiday in the UK, and then fly “out” home with them.

At the end of the day, you’d still be on holiday when you got there…