12 First Impressions of Berlin From Someone Who Doesn't Really Know Much About The Place

I thought Berlin would be like Vienna, Milan, or Madrid, with a sprinkling of Cambodia. I have never been to any of those places. Sometimes I pretend that my favourite David Bowie album is Low. It isn’t. In Berlin, you can smoke pretty much anywhere, although most Berliners chose not to bother. Berlin spent a lot of money on some of its

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Nick Sheridan Dead Ringer York Festival of Writing

Fortunately, the Festival of Writing…

So the Festival of Writing in York was brilliant as always. Four years under my belt and I still get so much out of it. Stimulating workshops, brilliant ideas, and some excellent feedback that I’m really going to be able to use going forward. There is nowhere I feel more welcome or at home (except my actual home, of course), surrounded by wonderful

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52 Weeks In The Quiet Room 365 Days In The Quiet Room A Year in The Quiet Room

365 Days In The Quiet Room

It doesn’t hugely surprise me that I haven’t popped my head up on here since March. Other than recording my annual birthday video, I haven’t really worn the mask of Nick Sheridan (steady on!) much this year. I’ve focused a lot on “real world” events, holidays, and sorting my shit out at dayjob towers, but haven’t really produced anything of note since the

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I will Not Give Up my Dayjob Don't Give Up The Dayjob Android Netrunner Dayjob

I Will Not Give Up My Dayjob

Have you ever noticed that in a three day week, every day is Wednesday? Monday is three days from the weekend, so it’s Wednesday. Tuesday is in the middle of the week, so it’s Wednesday. Wednesday is.. well, it’s Wednesday. My dayjob isn’t in a very exciting sector- they never are -but my dayjob is editing. Letters come in and I edit them for appropriate

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Future Pokémon Go Events Leaked!

After the popular success and increased app engagement of the Pokémon Go Halloween event, it should come as no surprise that developers Niantic have further events planned for upcoming holiday seasons. You may be aware that for the week of Thanksgiving, Ditto has been released into the game, and players will receive an XP bonus. What you may not know is

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