Phew! What a start to the year. My resolution to focus down and get the second draft of Jamie Grace Has The Wrong Ghost utterly finished in time for The Writer’s Workshop Getting Published Day was certainly kept; I feel like I haven’t worked on anything else, or spent time with anyone else but the characters within.

Unfortunately I didn’t hit completion, and still have a few key chapters until I’m finished, but now that the event has passed I’m letting myself open up to other work. This means unlocking several previously published articles both on this page and at Crap Looking Books, and finalising some work on The Christmas Santa Slept, ready to ask some questions and generate some interest at London Book Fair.

As usually happens when I’m focusing on one thing, many other ideas have come to me, so I’m likely to drop a few vlogs and shorts in the next few months too.

Oh, and I suppose I should leave the flat and see people.