Reports of my death are slightly inaccurate

Well, I’ve not updated in a while, which is okay. I don’t want to slip into that LiveJournal trap of every blog post being a “sorry for not updating, I’ve been really busy, but something coming soon I swear!” post.

I have been busy, mainly looking for a bit of a dayjob and seeking medical advice about an ongoing condition, but also creating some lovely lovely content.

In what proved to be one of the most difficult reviews to write yet, Crap Looking Books took a look at Gordon R. Dickson’s 1976 Novella Spacepaw, the book I thought was about Spacewolves but later discovered was about Spacebears, and even later discovered was about not very much. The review digs into whether or not we imagine more in the reading of not-so-good books tha we do in books that entertain us.

Yesterday was the holiday of my people, St Piran’s Day, so naturally I helped myself to some of the action and celebration by putting together the all-singing all-dancing Cornish Nyan Cat. It’s only bordeline-racism if you think of the Cornish as a borderline-race.

Other than getting some paid work, my only arbitrary deadline/goal at the moment is to finish The Wrong Ghost in time for London Book Fair 2015. Not so much that I can sell it, but at least talk about it with confidence. I also have two years of old promotional material I’m hoping to offload. For the first time in three tears I’ve booked a hotel room with a bath, so I’m expecting a ton more daily energy.