Apparently it’s November, who knew? It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all but I’ve been focusing down on getting some work done, and enjoying my weekends in the way that normal people do. Oh, and I’ve been ill. Okay, enough excuses!

Given that Autumn gig season is in full swing, I’ve put some thoughts into video regarding How To Enjoy Gigs Without A Camera. I’ve also responded to Halloween the only way I know how- by creating and promoting a substantial raft of seasonal content.

Your first point of call should be the video How to Have A Happy Halloween, which acts as an excellent intro and explanation for Tropes Vs. Women In Halloween (an Anita Sarkeesian Costume Pastiche).

That’s right, I tweaked the nose of GamerGate for all the right reasons, and came away without getting burnt.

These videos have boosted me to a surprising 80+ subscribers, which makes me feel more than a little pressured to maintain a consistency of quality. That’s a good thing.

To cash in on celebrate the UK DVD Release of The Fault In Our Stars, all this week my cheeky toilet-humour parody The Fault In Our Arse is free on Kindle. I wanted to produce a video of myself reading the edited highlights, but I’ve been struck useless by some decisively ironic stomach problems.

In the next few weeks I am going to be working to get The Christmas Santa Slept (remember that hilarious video?) out as a free eBook in time for December, produce a couple of VLOGs (about YouTube Pranks, Mass Effect and Cinema, mainly..) and as always, finalise my current draft of The Wrong Ghost.

Busy little bee.