Oh no! The dreaded “Sorry for not posting more!” update!

York Festival of Writing was fantastic as always. I’m really starting to zero in on closing this (final?) draft of The Wrong Ghost, and everything after this is just tweaking and editing.

I know, I’ve been saying that for a while.

I was in Disneyland Paris last month, and have never felt more switched off and quiet-minded. It was Umberto Eco who argued that Disneyland is more real than real life, because everything there works within a system impervious to entropy, and everything makes sense. I really, really felt that, and may make some content about it soon, while frequently searching for employment there.

I’ve been trying to embrace the idea of YouTube Grunge lately, making under-produced videos without scripts or editing. It falls in well with the Make It As Soon As You Think Of It agenda I started a while back, and while it can sometimes feel ranty, it always feels honest.

Here’s the best example of one.

There’ll be plenty more to come, of course, and I’ve also made a ton of other new videos in the past few months:

For WhatR2D2Saw:
Alfred Pennyworth Slaps Selena Kyle for 30 Seconds (Something I had no idea the internet needed so badly)
The Big Bang Theory: Episode 4,589,351 (Parody Edit)
Rupert The Bear Gives Us The Water Of Life (Quite possibly the most important and influential video mashup of this or any age. All hail.)
How D’Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning? I like mine with a fist. (Sketchy outline for a domestic abuse PSA. Trigger warning.)
Captain Picard Watches The Human Centipede
Captain Picard’s Sex Life (Patrick Stewart is just a fountain of material for these!)

For VidSheridan:
Mirage Energy Drink Review (In French! – Because we were in Paris!)
Paris! Paris! Paris! (Again, we were in Paris.. Paris!)
My Halloween 2015 #Piggate Costume Explained
[Scratch] The Great Halloween 2015 Pumpkin Shortage
[Scratch] Skinny Shaming Is A Good Thing
Where’s My Hoverboard? (26 Years of Technological Advancement Since Back To The Future 2)
[Scratch] Doug Stanhope is Offensive (and that’s a good thing!)
[Scratch] Shh.
[Scratch] Students: You Were Not Made In Chelsea
Opening 20 Mixed Hearthstone Card Packs
104 Weeks of Haircuts and Hairdye (Outtakes and anger from what is becoming a flagship video for VidSheridan.
“How To Cook” Polish Dumplings (In which I pretty much make it up as I go along!)

I’m experimenting a bit with scheduling future videos, so if you want to catch some in the next few weeks, make sure you subscribe 😉

It’s November now, which OF COURSE MEANS IT’S CHRISTMAS, so I’m looking forward to promoting The Christmas Santa Slept, both the e-book and the silly video below.

Speak to you again in up-to-and-including-three-months!