Well it was a little anticipated, but I’ve started being paid to sit at a desk for 35 hours a week again.

It’s taken me a bit of a while to find my feet and get back into my work-is-not-my-job stride, but I have done, and just in time for both my birthday and the election season.

Naturally I produced another of my yearly observational videos, with the same enthusiasm as usual, although with a little more immediacy. And swearing. And cake. Cake and swearing.

My new offerings for this year’s election (I am of course promoting all my old material too!) took the form of the following videos, one slightly serious and one much less serious. See if you can guess which one is which…

There’s also this edit that I’m very happy with, where I’ve added some classic and recognisable cartoon sounds to the final fight from Netflix’s Daredevil. Spoilers, obviously, if you haven’t seen that fight.

Last but definitely not least I really want to recommend Paul Neafcy‘s cracking debut book, “The Princess and The Fool“, my review of which can be read here.

Thinking about it, once the election is over and the Great Manchester Run (or limp, in my case) is done, I’ve got no major obligations until October! Plenty of time to finish off Jamie Grace Has the Wrong Ghost! (and play Dragon Age Inquisition, of course!)