Convention season is definitely in full swing!

Eastercon 2016: Mancunicon was an absolutely brilliant way to spend a sunny Easter Bank Holiday, and this week I’m off to my third London Book Fair. For the first time I’m not flogging or representing anything, I’m only there to learn, network, and bask in all the wonderful book-y-ness.

One thing I’ve noticed about the many convention notes I’ve made so far this year, there isn’t a lot of new points or material for The Wrong Ghost, and the reason for that is pretty simple…

Yep, The Wrong Ghost is very much at the start of what some people call !Finished! I have about 3,000 words of notes to work through, and a few chapters I definitely want to redraft, but that’s the last start-to-finish rewrite I’ll ever have to do. I really love the direction the story has taken, I just need to flesh it out with some more tone and conflict, then get pitching! I’m looking forward to this being something complete that I have and can promote, rather than something I’m working on or planning around.

Really, words can’t express the whittling down of 5 years of work into one solid novel. The novel will have to do that itself.

In other success-related news, my social media profile shot up a bit this past month when the following tweet took off a bit more than I expected it to:

Personally I think it was all in good humour, but don’t take my word for it, ask The Belfast Telegraph, The Metro, The Independent, or The Daily Mail. Damn.

Between my new-found Twitter stardom and finishing The Wrong Ghost I’ve still found time to put out a video, even if it is a scratch-edit complaint about Ancient Grains. Don’t believe the hype, just keep on eating pizza.

Since it’s London Book Fair week, both my Kindle Books are free! For the next five days The Fault In Our Arse and The Christmas Santa Slept will be completely free on Kindle. Other than here, I’m only talking about them on Twitter, and I’m interested to see how that affects the number and type of sales I receive.

Well I’ll catch up with you after London Book Fair, when I’ll be hip-deep in all the projects I’ve been putting off lately!