Most of last week I was preoccupied with not getting ill while training for The Gherkin Challenge. I completed the challenge in a respectable 14 minutes and 35 seconds, and had a great day hanging out with all the other climbers and fundraisers. London peeled back the clouds for our convenience, and I took a lot of footage with my new camera glasses.

I’ve a little video to put together explaining why I did the challenge, which I will link to here when it’s finished. You can still take donate right up until December if you feel so inclined.

Stairs man, stairs.

With York Festival of Writing at the end of the week I am thinking about nothing but The Wrong Ghost, and actually quite enjoying it. When you live, breathe and sleep only for one project, you really get inside the enthusiasm and detail.

This could be a very big weekend for me, but I’m doing my best not to freak out about it.