It’s been a month of check-boxes vanishing! Not too long after getting hold of full-time employment, I was able to arrange a hospital visit for surgery for which I was originally expecting to wait nine months.

That gave me four weeks at home taking painkillers, frustratingly unable to form a strong enough thought to get any decent written work done. I do feel better than I have in months, maybe years, and ready to launch into things. Here’s a video I managed to pull together that explains it a little better..

Knowing I’m going back to work next week has fired my productivity a little, and I’ve put together seven (yes, seven!) video edits and clips, most of which are themed around Game of Thrones or The Simpsons, and all of which are predictably a little cheeky..

It’s All Maestor Aemon’s Fault (Game of Thrones)

Homer Just Wants Theon’s Tentacle (Game Of Thrones / Simpsons)

Enterprise Christmas Party Aftermath (Star Trek)

Marge Simpson’s Opinion on Gamergate

There Are No Jobs (Deep Space Nine)

Juno Alternate Ending (American Pie Edit)

Ramsay Keeps Blowing Alfie’s Trumpet (Game of Thrones)

I’ve said before that there’s nothing on my radar apart from finishing The Wrong Ghost, but now that I’m registered for Festival of Writing (the best weekend of the year, with no doubt) I have a deadline! …and that’s all a writer needs.