7.4 billion is the number to beat..

Well, it’s been an interesting start to the year, not least of all because of a rush of artist and celebrity deaths, the reaction to which prompted me to produce two videos.

The first covers people who are too quick to throw the deceased together to create ridiculous memes, as if it somehow adds value to the discourse of mourning:

The second is a response to people who apparently want to see some sort of credentials when someone claims they are a fan of someone recently deceased:

It’s not all serious, as I’ve also been a little silly with the following short sketch about easy weight loss:

Finally the amount of attention this Gotham re-edit received under minimum publicity encouraged me to share it with better quality, and edit a little more humour into it:

It’s not just been a productive few months for video, I’ve also managed to produce a substantial amount of writing, and even done alright in my dayjob, if that matters!

Producing Domestic Abuse and Family Guy: That Funny Isn’t Joke Anymore was an interesting experience. It was something I very much wanted to discuss, and purposely took my time over. The reaction was curious, lead largely by those who read just the title instead of the full article, and assumed the tone was one of censorship and political correctness rather than praise for a difficult subject handled well. It’s a little sad that audiences are so used to reactionary “offended” blogs that they blindly read that tone into all articles.

People didn’t seem to understand the syntactical inversion in the title, either.

Jamie Grace Has The Wrong Ghost is just two short chapters away from a finished third and final draft, before the last fine-tuning and editing touches begin! The next four weeks are all about getting ready for London Book Fair, making sure that the whole author/book package is good to go, and that I don’t feel like an empty vessel or a faker like I have done in previous years.

“Hi, I’m an author.”
“What have you written?”
Oh, nothing finished. This.

I’ve also finally posted new content to Crap Looking Books, which is always a good move for the brand! I have 300+ slightly dated Crap Looking Books business cards and flyers just begging me to get rid of them in a productive way at upcoming events, and I’m going to give that site a little more focus this year.

I’m attending my first EasterCon, Mancunicon, later this month. I let them know I’m available for various panels, and am thoroughly relived they haven’t invited me to sit on any. That frees the whole weekend to enjoy some quality content, discussion and networking, and not worry about stage-fright, my hair, or looking like a big fat phony.

Maybe I’ll see you there?