It’s not quite New Year anymore, but it’s still a new year, just like all the others that went before it. I don’t have any resolutions as such, just extensions of previous attitudes. There are only two types of resolution anyway- those you were already going to do, and those you were never going to do.

Top of the agenda for 2016 is “leaving the audience” – following less while creating more. I want to be the person at events who tells you about the projects they’re excited about getting involved in, not just the projects they’re excited about watching.

I’m also going to stop using the word “content” to mean anything other than advertising, and stop referring to myself as a creative. I’m a writer, and I should stop being so bloody coy about that.

The Christmas Santa SleptOh, and I’m going to punch more people, both with words and with fists. Well, slaps, anyway. No more suffering quietly or groaning, I’m going to pick my battlefield where I actually care, and can actually make a difference.

Okay, introspection over.

The Christmas Santa Slept did very well last year, although not as well as it did in 2014. I think this was down to me scheduling the free week too late in the December, when everyone was pretty much done with Christmas and waiting for it to come and pass, rather than in the giddy gimmie-gimmie-Christmas buzz at the start of the month.

If you picked up a copy, thanks! Why not give it a review?

Here’s some new Christmas content material I published recently:

Like everybody else I boarded the Star Wars hype train. Why not check out my Before-review “I’m Too Afraid To Watch The Force Awakens” and my after-review “What The Force Awakened“?

And of course, there’s the usual array of Scratch Videos, Sketches and Silly Things:

I’ve also produced my pre-review of Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which isn’t going to change, regardless of how that movie actually turns out.

Next up in deadlines is of course the closing moments of Jamie Grace Has The Wrong Ghost, a well-deserved drink or seven, and a whole lot of editing.