Who’s a shiny new website design? You’re a shiny new website design! And you don’t look like Geocities for once.

New Year, and I’m doing my best to focus on The Wrong Ghost and The Christmas Santa Slept while looking for a meaningless new dayjob. As such, that means I’m doing everything but those three things.

There’s a new article at Crap Looking Books called Why I Hated Reading The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time (and why that’s okay), in which I discuss whether a “bad” reading experience necessarily means a “bad” book.

Hearthstone: Opening Packs: Goblins Vs Gnomes or Classic? is a gaming video that has already gathered some contempt, looking at whether Hearthstone’s new card packs are of less value to veteran players than the old packs.

I’ve edited and published Caffeine Withdrawal Diary: Truth & Lies, a blow-by-blow of my attempt to get that monkey off my back last year, followed by a slew of anxiety-riddled outtakes.

Then there’s the Fault In Our Stars 2015 Wall Calendar Unboxing Parody, which is going down confusingly well with actual TFIOS fans.

Finally there’s Blink 182 – Don’t Leave Me (Very Very Short Version), which like The Christmas Santa Slept was an idea I had years ago and took forever to act upon.

I’m off to get a haircut now, because I’ve scripted a video about getting a haircut.