Blimey, it’s been a while since I’ve made an update here, but thankfully that’s due to being downright busy, not lazy.

I’ve had time to add several bizarre videos to WhatR2D2Saw and a few less random ones to VidSheridan but mainly I’ve been working on the third and final draft of The Wrong Ghost, with the intention of having it complete and in-hand by Writer’s Workshop Festival of Writing.

Nine Worlds Geekfest was the fantastic blend of safe, friendly and insightful that I’ve already come to expect, but a quick look at Twitter makes me think I should have been at Loncon3 this weekend too. Hell, I should’ve just picked up a flat in London for August… and one in Edinburgh too.

I’m hoping to get a weekly mailing list started soon, given how many different platforms my content seems to be popping up on at the moment. For now, keep your eyes out for This Box Contains The Fucks I Give and My Name Is Parkinson.

Well, enough about me, how are you?