This unexpected sick day seems like an excellent chance to catch everybody up.

Most these digests seem to finish with a promise to “focus largely on my novel” or “really concentrate down on The Wrong Ghost“. Well lately, that’s true!

With the rapid approach of the fantastic opportunity that is York Festival of Writing, I’ve successfully cleansed my to-do lists and priorities so there is nothing on there but getting Jamie Grace through his literary fiction journey of self-realisation.

I’m not going to lie, it is fucking weird to have only one thing to do (except eat, sleep, bench press and dayjob, of course). What was once an anxious web of tasks and possibilities is now a single pressing demand. I think I like it.

That said, I still managed to get a few videos out this month. In descending order of value..

My Haircut Hypercut returns for the second (and final?) time.
It’s been a long journey, but I think I finally have the head covering that I want.

I’ve finally taken the time to put my thoughts about gambling and trading into words. The fact that I’m marking a 300 days gamble-free milestone is probably an indication of how I feel about it.

2014 may have been a bad year financially, but 2015 has been good for my health, and it’s always nice to cross something off the list.

I’ve taken the last minute choice to head to NineWorlds Convention for the third year in a row. Hopefully this year will feel more social and inclusive than last year. There was a sense in 2014 that the importance of “safespace” aspects actually had a negative impact on the atmosphere. If they’re handing out “Talk to me!” blue pegs this year, expect me to be covered in them.

Well now, time to get on with the one and only thing!