365 Days In The Quiet Room

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It doesn’t hugely surprise me that I haven’t popped my head up on here since March. Other than recording my annual birthday video, I haven’t really worn the mask of Nick Sheridan (steady on!) much this year. I’ve focused a lot on “real world” events, holidays, and sorting my shit out at dayjob towers, but haven’t really produced anything of note since the abortive Amazon Really Will Publish Anything, Won’t They?, and that didn’t exactly go well.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. That adventure was supposed to be a big deal, something that pushed my name and platform a bit further while opening up my sense of humour to a bigger audience, and it failed so perfectly. I’m not surprised if it contributed to me turning my back on myself a little.

That said, there’s still a little floating content that has seeped through the cracks of my mind and onto the internet in the past few months.

The aforementioned 33rd Birthday video:

A hyper-cut cooking video of which I’m actually quite proud:

A slightly pretentious farewell to the sofa-bed I’ve had since college:

An extremely pretentious tribute to a frustrated pigeon:

One of my favourite comedians laying down a voiceover for one of the worst characterizations in Star Wars history:

Two (count them!) contributions to the Commercial Cuts / Advert Edits community:

Well, looking at all that, maybe I did do a few things after all.

York Festival of Writing is barely a month away, and it has me in a little bit of a panic. Usually I’d be there flagging for The Wrong Ghost Dead Ringer but my enthusiasm for that novel has sunk of late, despite extensive re-plotting when I actually pull my finger out and work on it. I’m more excited about The Mental Health Novel and The Missing Persons Novel (great working titles, those) and am finding my attention a little divided.

Nick Sheridan The Wrong Ghost Writing Editing Dead Ringer

I’ve been able to scratch the writing itch daily through the medium of my mental health dairy, which has been ongoing for nearly a year now. I am very keen to [edit the fuck out of it and then] produce it in some published format, possibly even hardcopy. Of course I’ve learned from Amazon Really Will Publish Anything, Won’t They? and am going to take this one nice and slowly. The first year of the diary may nearly be over, but it’ll be some time before those pages see the light of day.

Something curious I’ve discovered in research is that books with titles beginning 365 Days… tend to be do-it-yourself self-help diaries, those starting 52 Weeks… tend to be about faith and religion, whilst those starting with One Year… are usually more narrative driven. 12 Months… of course, are calendars.

I wish I could sign off this update with “My name is Nick Fucking Sheridan, and I am back!” but I’ve felt that hopeful-sincerity before, and know it can fall flat. I’ve always said that this will never turn into a series of apologies for not updating more or working harder.

Well, I’m going to do my best to help things pick up again, anyway.