Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

There’s not a lot of what new-media types would call “content” to share in this post (Do people still say new-media? It’s all pretty much current-media now..) but that’s a good thing, because my nose has been firmly focused on the grindstone of The Wrong Ghost.

I might have taken some time out to run the Manchester 10k again again (68 minutes, my best time in 3 years), move offices and have a birthday, but my creative focus has been very, well… focused.

Nick Sheridan - The Wrong Ghost

The agenda for the book is a fairly simple one.
1) Remake the first chapter into something more enthralling (done!)
2) Shore up the first three chapters into something resembling more of a tone setting beginning (almost done!)
3) Start sending that bad boy out for representation while working on a final edit pass of the rest of the text (scary!)

Happy Birthday! Turning 32!
I’ve still found time for a few videos, including the regular observation of the day of my birth and ageing.

Tubular Bandages
This video was largely an attempt to see if I could easily present portrait mobile phone video in a landscape setting. I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Kerbal Space Program Special Cargo Deployment
Someone else’s video game and someone else’s music, so it went straight to WhatR2D2Saw. It’s a little joke to give the evening I spent playing KSP a little more creative value.

Hearthstone Packs: Whispers Of The Old Gods or Classic?
Another gaming video (..I do not want to be a gaming channel, I do not want to be a gaming channel, I do not..) although I posted this on VidSheridan rather than WhatR2D2Saw as the focus was more on my cheeky ramblings than the game itself.

I’m off on holiday soon, which means an imminent haircut and much-needed shave, the latter of which has given me the idea for a politically-motivated video you can expect to see soon!