Fortunately, the Festival of Writing…

Nick Sheridan Dead Ringer York Festival of Writing

So the Festival of Writing in York was brilliant as always. Four years under my belt and I still get so much out of it. Stimulating workshops, brilliant ideas, and some excellent feedback that I’m really going to be able to use going forward.

There is nowhere I feel more welcome or at home (except my actual home, of course), surrounded by wonderful writers and enthusiastic fans of the written word.

No wonder I call it my New Year’s Eve.

Now, let the year begin!

What’s in that year, I imagine you cry?! A couple of cards I’m playing close to my chest, but a push on certain areas of Dead Ringer is imminent, followed by some groundwork for some of my side projects, some actual marketing campaigns, and a clean up of my online presence.

This is the first time I can quietly reveal that I’m closing down Crap Looking Books, although I’ll be keeping the redirect and moving the existing content elsewhere. If you want to know my reasoning, take a look at the ratio of posts-to-months, and you’ll see it.

I’ve also reduced my IKEA-hack standing desk back to a normal desk, to encourage me to be more comfortable when I write. There’s naturally a short and silly video incoming about that, but mostly I’m just happy to be off my feet. Hashtag-this-is-30s.

I’ll leave you with a quiet revelation that my usually anxious and self-loathing brain gave me on the last day of York Festival.

I like me.

(I like you too)