Here Comes The Rain Again

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I’ve had this feeling since writing the alarmingly well-received Winnie The Pooh and Brexit Too that I haven’t quite been using the bloggier aspects of this website well enough. I’m quietly proud of myself for responding to a contemporary event with a (fairly) original idea, and for producing it quickly and effectively.

The “what I’ve been up to since I last told you what I was up to” blog posts are all well and good, but ideas and inspiration for pieces of micro-literature keep coming to me, and this seems like the ideal platform to post them.

They are coming to me in waves, falling like the rain, rain from the idiom that I can now justify using as the title for this post and as a necessary and familiar SEO boost.

Winnie The Pooh and Brexit Too was written on the sly during breaks at my dayjob, moments when I’d usually most likely be staring at the wall like my very own Jamie Grace, so I don’t really feel guilty for giving over some of my pre-allocated time for more creative projects. Even if it means skipping lunch.

Besides, my childhood literary hero was David Gemmell, and he wrote Legend when he was supposed to be writing the sports pages.

So I’m still going to tell you what I’m doing and what I’ve been doing, but you can also expect some rough-and-ready snatches of character exploration, flash-fiction, fan-fiction, fly-fishion and dare I say it even poetry too.

Except no haiku
Because I hate all haiku
One two three four five