Ho- Ho- Hold on a second!

It’s Christmas apparently, which means the relentless promotion of seasonal content! As always there’s these Xmas shorts, of which the Band Aid one is a little more valid this year:

But of course, I’m mainly focused on The Christmas Santa Slept, which is available on YouTube in all its many-costumed and possibly-racial-insensitive glory.

Say what you want about Amazon trying to swallow the world, their KDP customer service is amazing, and this year The Christmas Santa Slept is now properly formatted and released on Kindle for people who want to read it for themselves, or read it for their kids!

It will be FREE! from the 15th to 19th of December. Pick it up from Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here. Other countries are available, of course.

I’ve started sketching an outline for a counterpoint called I’m Saint Fucking Nick but don’t expect to see anything of that until next Christmas.

If you still haven’t had your fill of me there’s my quick Ten Dollar Haul sketch, and some thoughts I shared on the 2 Year Anniversary of my VidSheridan Channel. In re-edits and parodies there’s Conan The Destroyer (of Continuity), the South Park reaction video Look How Much I Care, and a rather inevitable alternate ending for the BBC’s World War One Season Trailer.

See you next year, most likely!