I Will Not Give Up My Dayjob

I will Not Give Up my Dayjob Don't Give Up The Dayjob Android Netrunner Dayjob

Have you ever noticed that in a three day week, every day is Wednesday? Monday is three days from the weekend, so it’s Wednesday. Tuesday is in the middle of the week, so it’s Wednesday. Wednesday is.. well, it’s Wednesday.

My dayjob isn’t in a very exciting sector- they never are -but my dayjob is editing. Letters come in and I edit them for appropriate content, audience, and legibility based on the voice and character of the people sending them.

There’s a theory about tricking yourself into the right creative mindset often enough that you can slip into it at will. Every day you make a point of writing a little, until it becomes natural. Then you write more, and go deeper, until that becomes natural too. You keep increasing how hard and how much you work, until that creative mindset is the most dominant and instinctive part of you.

I used to struggle to “switch off” after work and enter the right frame of mind for working on my writing, videos or whatever. In this new job, I’m already in an actively creative mindset when I punch out at 5 o’clock. Not only that, I’m being paid for it.

And of course, a busy office is a goldmine of inspiration. Especially when no less than three of your works-in-progress are set there.

I have a job that interests me, that I’m good at, and that helps my creative development. About bloody time.

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