Wake Me Up When September Ends! What? Really? When?

No. I refuse to accept that it’s already the last week of October. While I’m sure a blow-by-blow accounting of my activities since York Festival of Writing would make me realise just how much I’ve done, my creative and professional development since then makes me think it’s still somewhere around the 5th.

Speaking of things I’ve done, Manchester Literature Festival delivered fantastically this year, as did the small glimmer of Manchester Science Festival I managed to catch. I recommend them both.

I’m tossing a three-sided coin over my Halloween costume this year, but whatever it is, it won’t be as much political or social commentary as in previous years. Speaking of which, here’s a few reminders of past Halloween opinions and outfits:

This Is Halloween, But Also Just October
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Hallowe-en Are Not Amused, We Are A Culture Not A Costume
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Why I Dressed As The Colorado Batman Killer For Halloween
BLOG: Why I Dressed As The Colorado Batman Killer For Halloween

I haven’t link-spammed any of that this year, mainly because I’ve realised my usual approach is redundant. Here’s a video about why:

And while I’m at it, here’s a video about very little indeed:

Putting aside my increasingly panicky search for employment, the agenda for the next month or so is to focus on The Wrong Ghost Dead Ringer (isn’t it always?), put up a few Kindle shorts in any existing downtime, set up promotions for The Christmas Santa Slept, and get myself in the right Christmassy mood to write the spin-off novella I’ve been planning for it.

Thank you for considering me for this position,
(force of habit, that)