What you lose on the swings..

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Things are changing in dayjob towers, in a somewhat predictably and familiar way. Here, I made a video about it.

While this means I have to spend an annoying amount of my time finding a new way to pay the rent, it doesn’t seem to have robbed me of any creative drive, if anything it’s made me more frumious to get on with writing, creating, and generally doing my best to break away from the wage cycle.

My biggest project of recent weeks is The Truth About Halal Food, in which I take a jab at reactionary attitudes towards cultural difference, and make use of a freshly shaven beard.

The internet seems to have largely understood what I was trying to do, and the trend seems to be that the more Muslim you are, the more you appreciate it. (So high-fives all round for not being accidentally Islamaphobic!)

Here’s a quick edit regarding the post-Brexit behaviours of keyboard warriors.

And here’s a reaction video for people who use faith and faith alone to back up practical arguments.

The next big deal on my radar is York Festival of Writing, essentially the most important part of my writing year since I stopped being so awed by London Book Fair. I’m largely there to get professional feedback on The Wrong Ghost, but may also let my second work-in-progress slip in to the more competitiony events. (You know, the one with the god-awful working title “Taken: Children of The Eclipse”)

I know, I know, it’s a bad idea to work on two novels at once, but I think that pausing to write just the odd chapter or extract here and there is actually a useful creative break, especially when I’m immersing myself so deeply in The Wrong Ghost.

I’ve still found time to have fun, of course..

..and I even found a few moments to steal someone else’s joke.