Notes on “Two Boys Kissing”

twoboyskissingCrap Looking Books may mainly be about giving books with awful or misleading covers a second chance, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an eye out for extremely smart and clever cover-work.

So here’s a quick note on a book I’m fairly impressed with but have no real intention of reading-for-review. While at first glance it may have the look of a fast-produced straight-to-kindle piece desperately flagging itself to any and all gay readers, it is anything but that.

Two Boys Kissing is the story of… well it’s not just the story of two boys kissing. Even the most ardent writer couldn’t stretch that out for 208 pages, and even a post-50-Shades world wouldn’t put up with it.

As a title it performs the dual task of both creating intrigue and providing a vague but effective thematic signpost. It speaks to the nuances of the genre without having to slather some awful “Coming-Of-Age Homosexual Contemporary Fiction” banner across the front cover, and the lack of context prompts potential readers to question a story about which very little is initially revealed.

It has a certain deeper validity beyond that, in that all fiction that covers homosexual subject matter (or indeed, any sexual or relationship subject matter) is at its core just the story of two people kissing. All public reaction and social change regarding LGBT rights and sexual equality is essentially centered around two people, and how they feel about each other.

So bravo, Two Boys Kissing, you were just a little too well produced for the real Crap Looking Books treatment.