I’m Getting Married in the First Place

Hi! See that coloured box there? It’s a little content preview tag I’m trying out to let you know what to expect in the email you’re about to read.

Anyway, last Thursday was World Mental Health Day. I had some opinions about that which some perceived as a bit negative and almost aggressive, and I can maybe see why.

Support for mental health issues is so central to what I believe and the work I create that sometimes it can go without saying in situations where it needs to be said.

I wasn’t attacking mental health support, just concerned that it is starting to be treated like an endzone when it should really be the first step.

Anyway, you can read what I said in the archive here, and I’m more than happy to keep discussing it. That’s what your favourite email client’s Reply button was made for.

It’s okay to steal assets if those assets include assets stolen from somewhere else. Probably.

World Mental Health Day 2019 was also the day that I wanted to release 500ish Days In The Quiet Room and All Better Now. Scratch that, World Mental Health Day 2018 was the day that I wanted to release them.

I could berate myself for taking so long – and I do! – but it turns out that writing about mental illness recovery whilst going through mental illness recovery is not exactly as easy or comfortable as writing about fantasy heroes, twenty-somethings who talk to ghosts, or werewolves that run crematoriums.

Also, I’m getting married in two weeks! It takes a little time, dedication and planning to embrace one of the most important days of your life. (D’awwww)

So I’m giving myself a break on deadlines. In fact, I’m throwing every deadline out the window. Launch dates will present themselves when the books are ready to launch.

Two people who are probably married enjoy what is probably their honeymoon.

The good news is, you’ll still be getting all the work-in-progress previews along the way, although not on a very consistent schedule. For example, I’ve recently half-written a piece on believing your own hype, and another on how going a week without saying anything negative – events bout yourself.

You might get them next week, you might get them in four weeks (when my honeymoon is over), but you will get them.

I hope you are well.

P.S. The best thing about this decision is that this will probably be the last email from this community that explains how the community works! I’ve run too many blogs that turned into constant apologies for a lack of content to let that keep happening.

P.P.S. Remember that as a member of this community, only you will get the opportunity to pick up 500ish Days In The Quiet Room at a scarily low introductory price, and after launch only you will get a digital copy of the companion collection All Better Now for absolutely free!