Future Pokémon Go Events Leaked!

After the popular success and increased app engagement of the Pokémon Go Halloween event, it should come as no surprise that developers Niantic have further events planned for upcoming holiday seasons.

You may be aware that for the week of Thanksgiving, Ditto has been released into the game, and players will receive an XP bonus. What you may not know is that on Thanksgiving Day itself, all Bird Pokémon were harder to catch, offered an experience bonus, then turned into Drowzee at the end of the day.

When the Christmas Holidays start, ice Pokemon will be more abundant, and all candy will be replaced with presents.

Pokemon Christmas Event Pokemon Go Event Leaks Upcomg Nick Sheridan

Any Pokémon caught late at night on New Year’s Eve will not be playable until 2nd January.

PokéGyms will be a lot harder to get into in the New Year, but return to normal around the second week of February.

Over Easter weekend, there will be a much higher chance of catching Exeggcute, Chansey, Togepi, and other egg-related Pokémon. All incubators will be replaced with decorated Easter baskets, and fainted Pokémon will wake up without a revive after 3 days and 3 nights.

On the first day of spring, all Metapod will spontaneously evolve, and all resulting Butterfree will fly away like Ash’s did in “Bye Bye Butterfree ” and you’ll cry just like you did back then.

Bye bye Butterfree Pokemon Go Event Leaks Upcoming Events Nick Sheridan

To celebrate American Independence, on the Fourth of July all Pokémon caught in the UK will default to US accounts. All Voltorb and Electrode will explode, which will be pretty.

On St Patrick’s Day, all Pokémon candies will be served in pints.

On St George’s Day, it may be hard to find Dragon Pokémon.

On St Swithin’s Day, rain continues to fall.

No Pokémon will do anything special for Cinco De Mayo, without first developing a deep understanding of the culture they plan to appropriate.

Snorlax will not be accessible during Martin Luther King Jr day, so they can have a dream.

For Veteran’s day, Rattata will be renamed to something a little less triggering.

Any Pokémon caught on Columbus Day will spread disease throughout a player’s Pokédex, killing the majority of the native Pokémon there.

Ash hugs Pikachu Pokemon Go Event Leaks Pokemon Ho Upcoming events Nick Sheridan

On the National Day of Belize, your Pokémon will be nowhere near where you thought they were.

For Father’s Day, all players are required to get Professor Willow a present, because he’s Daddy AF.

Cubone and Marowak receive experience bonuses on Mothering Sunday, because of feelings.

On International Women’s day, Goldeen will not respond to commands because she is sick of your shit. Seriously. She is a strong, confident Pokémon that don’t need no trainer. She is the only Pokémon who thinks she is better than you, and you know what? She’s right, because bitch, she’s fabulous.

On International Men’s day, the Pokemon that look like penises will look even more like penises.

During LGBTQ Pride events, Jigglypuff has heard all your jokes before.

Each September 11th, Remoraid and Octillery will be briefly added to Pokemon Go, and will want to throw things at any broadly smiling devolved Dewgong. They can’t, of course, because jet cruel can’t pelt Seel beams.

For Valentine’s Day, all pink Pokémon will receive a bonus candy when attached to another Pokémon. All unattached Pokémon will be sad.

Throughout black history month, gym leaders will Pokésplain that Pokémon fight all the time before they’re captured, but in the wild they don’t have access to the potions and spacious living conditions that being owned by trainers can offer.

Happy Pikachu Pokemon Go Upcoming Events Pokemon Go Event Leaks Nick Sheridan

On International Talk Like A Pirate Day, all Pokémon will speak Somali.

During Stoptober, Koffing and Wheezing will blow their fumes in the faces of all other Pokémon. We get it guys, you vape.

On April Fool’s Day the servers will work perfectly.