They are the Worst Kind of People A sideways reaction to the 2011 Riots

I’m talking about “them” because I’m not so vain as to think I have wide enough dissemination that “you” will ever see this.

I’m not talking about those people who took a different route home from work just to see if any of the bullshit they heard about was actually happening to their city. If I was I’d be talking about myself. Without a doubt I’m not talking about those who are out there to assist, prevent or even those there to try and understand.

I’m talking about those stood in groups laughing and joking, waiting for something to happen. When it does, they have no intention of taking part. They’re going to follow it, they’re going to film it, and at times they’re going to cheer it on.

They are the worst kind of people.

They’re not angry, and they’re not confused, poor, hurt or frustrated. They’re not out to cause trouble or express something, they’re out for fun. The decline of behavioural systems and the rule of law is a fucking reality TV show to them, just a theme park or festival.

Anyone actually hurling a brick has a fractionally higher moral ground than them. Those that come to be entertained are the ghastly face of the silent majority, baying for blood (as long as it isn’t theirs) at the Colosseum, cheering for the collapse of physical and social structures (as long as they aren’t under them when they fall).

The people who stand by and do nothing have their reasons, the people who stay away have their reasons, but the people who stand by with the sole intention of doing nothing have no reason or excuse at all.

And they are the worst kind of people.