Nick Sheridan – The Wrong Ghost

I am currently seeking representation for my novel The Wrong Ghost, a contemporary fiction that explores how vital a close friendship can be, even when one friend is a ghost relentlessly haunting the other.

Jamie Grace is a call-centre worker and unreliable narrator of great ambition but limited initiative, who spends his days dealing with angry customers, disappointing friends, and answer phone messages from a mother he really should visit more often.

When he discovers that his newest co-worker is a ghost, a world of possibilities opens up to him, and the supernatural realm in all its surprisingly cinematic horror is laid bare. Within days however, Jamie is back at his desk taking calls and processing reports.

Admitting it has no agenda, the ghost pressures Jamie to investigate their connection. Reluctant at first, Jamie soon finds himself increasingly interrogating his past, relationships, and mental health, and questioning his failings as a friend, employee, and son.

The Wrong Ghost celebrates the balance between big moments and the little things. It examines fate, untapped potential, the coping strategies people use in the face of loss, and questions how easily a ghost can eat a kebab.

It is self-help fiction for the quarter life crisis, for readers who might already enjoy the tone of Matt Haig, Danny Leigh and Tony Parsons, or the style of Nick Hornby and David Nicholls.